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About Us

m-cloudware combines the best of experienced industry business engagement partners together with a team of seasoned technology developers.  This combination ensures both excellent consulting and project delivery.

We have worked on solutions with user-bases from 1 to >10,000, delivering anything from large ERP implementations to custom front-end mobile solutions.

m-cloudware's core philosophy is to work closely with our clients to best understand your business needs and ensure we deliver tailored yet simple business solutions. We understand that flexibility and collaboration is something that needs to continue right through the project delivery.  Successful collaboration is the key to our joint success.   

Our development pool is based in Germany, Croatia and Bulgaria.

Managing Team


Paul Rylands

Managing Partner

Paul has over 25 years experience designing and delivering innovative solutions in the CPG industry.

His strengths are building successful relationships and engaging with customers through all project stages. 

He has seen all sides from starting as an IT professional to engaging as a dedicated business partner, and also heading up the Program Management Office for a major global CPG company.

Paul lives in Bulgaria with his wife and 3 kids, enjoying the sunshine or the snow depending on the time of year.

Georgi Petkov

Chief Technology Officer

Georgi has been a developer for over 20 years.  He has experience working for large software companies as well as setting up his own development business.

He stays very close to the latest modern technologies and development practices and knows what works.


Georgi is our most senior technical person, otherwise know as 'guru' within the team.

Georgi lives between Germany and Croatia with his wife and now grown-up kids, sharing his love for all kinds of food.


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